Thus you’ve decided to spend hundreds or maybe even thousand of dollars on an real designer ladies handbag! Yay, I applaud you! But be forewarned… you have to know just what you are buying before you buy it!! Please make certain to do your entire homework before you buy a handbag on eBay to make certain you are truly buying an traditional artist handbag! bolsas famosas

Sellers on amazon have to sell only Genuine Designer handbags!!!!

True, but however some sellers will not only sell fake or fake handbags, nonetheless they will also go to great lengths in an attempt to key you into convinced that you are bidding over a 100% traditional bag. 

Follow this advice to help you continue to be safe:

Check the location of the seller. In numerous, BUT NOT ALL circumstances sellers from Asia are selling fake handbags. This kind of area has very unspecific intellectual property laws and there are many, many factories manufacturing fake handbags. China, Korea and Singapore should be avoided.

Look at the photographs carefully. A seller’s photographs could help you determine if the tote is real and in the promised condition.

Examine to see that the photographs are not “stock” photographs. Stock photographs are pictures of the item usually seen in advertisings or on the manufacturer’s website. They have a professional appearance and may have an all-white background that indicates they are yet to been modified with the use of software. If perhaps they happen to be stock photos, you will not are able to see the bags true condition.

Is definitely the handbag displayed from all angles? Front, as well as sides? Inside lining, labels, zippers, sewing details, handles or strap, and the designer’s stamps or manufacturer should all be shown in the photographs.

Contact the vendor directly if you wish additional photographs of the handbag, particularly if you may need close-up views of the serial #, developer name, or stitching to help determine authenticity. A reputable seller will be happy to oblige you, if they don’t I actually recommend running as fast as you can and don’t look back! Request any and all questions before bidding!

Review the seller’s feedback ratings and comments. It will help determine whether the seller is respected in the eBay community and if other customers have been satisfied with their purchases. Look specifically for any existing negative feedback comments. Buyers that contain purchased counterfeit handbags or received goods in a different condition than was listed will leave negative feedback.

In some situations, buyers may just leave neutral feedback if they bought a counterfeit handbag, but were refunded their money. Be sure to read these carefully as well.

Review the seller’s return policy! You must determine if you can return the handbag to the seller or be refunded if the item is quite a bit less described or counterfeit.

You may well not want to acquire items from a seller who indicates that all sales are last or that returns are not accepted.

Read store policies carefully as well. Some seller’s charge a re-stocking cost when you return an item. If perhaps the seller’s policy implies a restocking payment of 30% of the offering price, then you may just be refunded $280 for a $400 handbag! That is a hefty profit for a dishonest seller!!
Get in touch with the handbag’s manufacturer straight to confirm specific features. For example, if a handbag looks appealing, but some details are doubtful, including the color, the maker will be able to confirm if they at any time released a handbag of that style.

To discover the manufacturer’s contact information, go to the website of the handbag’s manufacturer or visit the manufacturer’s price tag store if one is available in your local area.
Do Your Research!
This is important to do your research on what the handbag you’ve chosen should look like. In the event that you have an area specialist or department store that carries the handbag you want, you really should be visiting it. Have along a checklist… perhaps even print out the photographs on the craigs list listing to take with you.