With over 30 million sites and a community of more than 200, 500 developers, Joomla is considered one of the most popular CMS in the software development market. The CMS allows you to build websites and powerful online software as it offers simple to operate extension to the developers to make their projects feature rich. The invincible strength of Joomla cms is its extensions and this helps the designers to add powerful and specific features to the site. Joomla also offers amazing security extension that can be used in order to avoid hacking attacks that gain access to or even delete important information. The extensions can help to conserve a lot of money on expensive repair costs and for assistance with security extensions. Joomla hacked website repair service

Here in this article, we will discuss more about Joomla security extensions not only protect the site but also help to increase the security. 

JHackGuard: This extension is specially designed to protect Joomla cms websites from being hacked. It handles various security configurations by filtering the input data of the users. This can be done by integrating PHP security adjustments in the system and it in addition allows the administrators to handle usual admin tasks without the hassles. These security extension cables are also available in versions and you will pick the best version to suit your website.

RSFirewall: Another advanced Joomla cms security extension that helps to protect your site from intrusions and hacker attacks is the RSFirewall. The team of experts always keeps the file format updated, so that it can address the latest security issues. The established of tools that comes with it can be used to stop hacking and the extension also tests the complete site to distinguish the weak areas and make necessary improvements to boost the site’s security.

JomDefender: Episodes on Joomla websites are increasing day by day and business owners have to spend lots of money to fix the damages completed the site by the hackers. To avoid such damage, you can use the great extension JomDefender as it will help to maintain your site secure from any attacks. The plugin is made in corePHP and helps to correct the most frequent vulnerabilities that are within Joomla. It also brings additional protective layers to the site in order to protect it from almost any security attack. This kind of can be configured and installed very easily and is also available at very low cost.

Centrora Security: This extension has an inbuilt security scanning device and malware that helps to identify malicious limitations, virus, SQL injection, security risks and other weaknesses. The package is available in free versions also and is modified from OSE Firewall Security.

Akeeba admin tool: This can be another security extension for Joomla cms and helps in applying and also aids in increasing the security of the site. The tool is unique when in contrast with other security plug-ins as it gives you the users regularly with latest changes and this helps those to maintain the site properly. In addition, it helps to fix the damaged files, and also manages redirections of custom URLs and this enhances the website’s security on the whole.

OSE Anti-Virus: This anti-virus is made especially to guard Joomla cms websites and it can handle any type of virus whether small or big. It can discover virus in HTML, Text message files, PHP, JavaScript and many more. Once the virus is detected, it removes the codes. The extension can be bought and the users can certainly download the upgrades every year.