Just like the Beagle, the Dachshund is part of the Canine group, though it shows characteristics of the terrier more so than a canine. Dachshunds can be brief haired, long haired, or wire haired. As they have three different coating breeds, they also have three different sized bread of dogs. There are the standard, the miniature, and the least common kanunchen (or Toy) sizes. Dachshunds have short legs with pointed bodies, somewhat resembling a “weiner” with legs. These kinds of small dog pets have long snouts, with long ears that hang down around the face. The Dachshund can be a variety of different colors. https://123tinki.com/en-us/dog-names/female-chocolate-brown

The Standard Dachshund usually weighs between twenty and twenty-eight pounds and stages around sixteen inches high, while the miniature weighs about less than eleven pounds and stands about 18 inches high, and the kanunchen weighs around 8-10 pounds or so, position about twelve inches high. 

How much grooming needs to be done naturally will depend on what type Dachshund you own. The cable haired Dachshund will need their hair cut a few of times 12 several weeks, while the long haired Dachshund needs to be brushed regularly, and the short haired just needs a regular rubbing with a damp cloth. Every types of this small dog pet are average shedders.

This small dog pet requires a daily walk and plenty of exercise. Dachshunds are good pets for a tiny apartment, nevertheless they also benefit from play time in an open area.

Although character differs from dog to dog, the Dachshund is generally a playful and fun dog. They may be alternatively stubborn though, that makes them difficult to train, nonetheless they make great watchdogs as they have a high in volume bark. Dachshunds are not good around children, as they may be sharp. They might sometimes be hostile towards strangers as well. Like the majority of small dog house animals, the Dachshund can show signs of separation stress if not given the proper leadership it needs. Dachshunds make great house animals for older masters that prove to them plenty of love and provide these a “pack leader” environment.

With a life span of between twelve and 15 years the Dachshunds are at risk of the following health problems: heart disease, diabetes, urinary tract problems, and spinal problems.