It is necessary to understand the key phrase “all driving instructors are not created equal”. Just like any other service industry you will find a wide variety of individuals ready to relieve you of your hard acquired savings when you have made the first call. Inside the industry the Traveling Standards Agency sets rigid guidelines that driving course instructors should adhere to in the delivery and quality of the lessons that they give to the learner drivers. cheap driving lessons

It can be understandable that every instructor has their own method of how they produce class to pupils but whatever technique they go for it must meet the general standards set away by the DSA. 

The first thing to check is that your teacher, whoever you choose is displaying an appropriate permits issued by the DSA which permits them to teach for money. The licences will be you of 2 forms. Both a Green octagonal marker at the front of the windscreen which implies that they are a completely qualified DSA approved driving instructor. The other variety is a red triangle which indicates that they hold a student licence and although they are permitted to show for money, they will plainly not display the level of knowledge as a fully qualified instructor.

I actually myself am a totally qualified DSA approved generating instructor and generally encourage learner drivers to choose the green badge holder over the red logo holders. I have no biased in this field but can easily say that if you are paying someone to teach you to push, then you want them to be focusing on teaching you tried and tested techniques and not learning from you as they go along.

My spouse and i have to agree however that the disgracefully poor standard of some renewable badge holders will often actually be lower than an enthusiastic instructor with a trainee licence. The key message here is that you check that your instructor is displaying the appropriate licence then have a trial before you decide to book a block of 20 lessons. This can take two or three attempts to find someone that you feel is the right person for you.

Therefore before you pick the phone and book a lesson, why not ask around for views, tips from friends or family members. The trustworthiness of a patient, experienced and well mannered instructor is likely to spread swiftly. Again what works for someone else might not exactly be best for your family, so it is important to speak to the trainer and set up a few preliminary factors.

Is the driving trainer a full licence holder or a trainee?
Just how long they have recently been in the profession?
What grade has the trainer been awarded by the DSA? (Note Grade 4 is satisfactory, Grade 5 is a great overall standard, and Grade 6 is the highest)
You may want to really know what their performance is for first time test candidates?
What type of teaching vehicle do they use?
Are they signed up to the industry codes of practice?
Other things that may seem to be minor at the time but could become relevant as later on. Such as can you communicate effectively with your instructor? If perhaps you have a trainer with a heavy Welsh accent is that likely to affect your capability to communicate efficiently?
Various of these questions can be answered over the phone before you’ve even committed you to ultimately one paid lesson.