Home based or freelancing looks to become a great idea. Just isn’t it? Many people feel that working from home for virtually any business, online job, or freelancing gives them more room and freedom. Absolutely, it can. It has many advantages I’ll discuss later, however, one must not disregard the demands and drawbacks of it also.


Let’s speak about both the positives and problems of from home:

Do the job according to yours plan: This is perhaps the greatest advantage you have in home-based work. You can make a functional schedule according to your comfort level. You start or stop work anytime you like. If you are a lttle bit need to have recovery, you merely shut down and take a break. A lot of people like to work in the late evening or night hours. They will be more than happy if they get a work at home opportunity. You can have lunch break, dinner, tea, and caffeine when you feel like to. Just relax, make your own timetable and work anytime or any duration of hours round the time clock. Manage time as you feel comfortable.

Financial: In contrast to office-based jobs, you don’t need a BOSS. No one may come to your desk to check on whether you are working or not. No revealing to and scolding by BOSS by any means. ‘No blade is hanging over the head’ is one of the most relaxing thoughts for many. Therefore, no or less stress than office work.

Could be managed on weekends or part-time: Versatility is one of the primary features of work from home. If your work is not too much stretched out, you can manage it on weekends as part-time along with a regular job. If you are working with a company that enables working as much as easily manageable, you must take the good thing about work from home. It would be a great source of making money, though may well not be very highly paid. However, with a few hours of every week working, you can make a little extra bucks.

Decorate your office place as you like: Not only time, space is also your own in work from home. You can fix a corner for your desk and computer system where ever you prefer. Decorate it with flowers, photos, colors and things of your choice. If and when need, you can change the place also. Should your work is mostly computer-based, you can sit with your laptop on the yard, roof-top, balcony etc. Certainly not bound to a solitary space.

A whole great deal of saving: When you join an office, you need to go to the job 5 times a week. You will need to maintain a proper wardrobe as well as taking away a piece of money for monthly transportation and food expenses. Sometimes, your office is located significantly away and reaching there is no less than a hassle. Or you have to rely on outside food that you avoid like. Some of the companies offer to give pick and drop and food for employees for a reasonable cutting using their salary. But that way, they get a great facility. Wardrobe, transportation, and food expenses eat up a great portion of your paycheck. Home based totally minuses the expenses of wardrobe and transportation. In that case remains the food only which you enjoy in the form of selfmade healthy and low-priced foods.

No frustrating co-workers or workplace issues: One of the biggest and stress filled problems of office and a regular job is the occurrence of upsetting and non-cooperative co-workers. Being a nuisance is also a great workplace issue for females especially. Work at home saves you from these frustrating things which can have a negative effect on your health and career development also.


Above were a few positives of work from home. Right now, let’s have a look at negatives also:

Apathy: Work from home offers you the good thing about time overall flexibility but it also demands a great self-discipline. In case you are lazy, you won’t be able to meet the deadlines. You must have to make a timetable and place daily working hours to perform it smoothly. Postponing the job for the next day will hurt your progress.

Performing alone offers no competition: Presence of co-workers offers a competitive environment and motivates one to work better and better. Work from home has nothing like that. You are your own competitor there so performance comparison is also not involving. Competing with, and defeating your own do it yourself is not easy for everyone.

Offering a space at home: When you have lots of space at home, well and good. Although if you are surviving in a tight space, taking out a living room for internet marketing work may be difficult. Additionally, you could have to put up with the noise and interference by kids and family.

Lack of communication hidden inside the team: If you are employed by a remote control or out-of-country employer, you feel a lack of communication to teammates and employers. Online meetings and chat can’t produce the results as the face-to-face and office-based jobs offer. Time difference between the countries also matters. You may need to wait around for the meeting or chat for long several hours.

Work ethics and culture: Ethics and culture subject a lot if you are working for an out-of-country employer. If an African is working for an American company, they may have to face cultural and behavioral issues. Some cultures don’t like to hear NO from the employees; some encourage to express their view. So work from home may also be stress filled due to cultural dissimilarities.

So these are the positives as well as negatives associated with work from home. If you like it, you must keep all these aspects at heart. Take into bank account all the facets before plunging into home-based work. It is not suited to everyone. If you are ready to take on and fulfill the requirements of work at home, go ahead. If not, favor an office based job instead.