Practically every men’s magazine in the world has reviewed the shaving options for men including the razor. Seeing that so much has recently been written already, there is seldom any new part of information which can be known as as new. However, a newly released study at University of Oregon revealed that fresh blades rival the best brands equivocally. Joel Nicholson undertook the study at University’s Bio-Optics Laboratory where the razors known as “simple machines” were analyzed in detail.

The research examined different brands of in a number of razors such as Gillette Fusion disposables with penis-shaped handles, the Hart Material 6/8 Quarter Ground, basic Thiers-Issard from Classic Saving and Braun 7 series (790cc) which is the latest electric shaver. This also included the going through yellow handled Bic throw-away razors. 

Joel reviewed all fresh razor blades under the microscope and first of all analysed that the fresh razor blades of even simple razors like those of Bic are evenly hard-honed similar to top brand’s razor blade.

A great analysis of Bic razor blade blade revealed that toned edge of Bic throw away was 100 microns as the human hair is around 50-150 microns, the first shave from Stylo à bille disposable will definitely a good one.

Gillette Combination razor blade ended up being much cleaner as compared to Bic when put under the microscopic inspection and analysis. Each razor brain has five clean cutting blades which spread the slicing job evenly between each of them. Even though the front blades are taxed more but other blades also do a fine job of reducing hair evenly.

Joel also inspected the all time favourite straight razor Thiers-Lssards. The process of “stropping” or dragging a direct razor back and out on a sharpening surface was not done. This says the edge was no better than some other razor in the market. The edge has to be perfected on a sharpening surface to make it sharper for a clean shave. This is usually well-suited for used hands of a car handed barber. Later Joel observed his used Mach 3 blade and found the edges to be rough, toothy and terribly mangled.

In his remark, Joel found that leading edge of the knife as well as the surrounding material also is important in the raffinesse of the shave given by any razor. This individual also observed that the rigidity of the complete cutting tool makes a difference in the sort of shave a razor blade delivers. It is not only the finest advantage that is in charge of the best shave. Because of this , that straight razors last the entire life as their blades are tough enough to cut through the bone. On the other hand, Bic disposable razors snap up too early as their blades are quite thin as compared to other popular razors like Mach 3 or Gillette Fusion.

It was also inferred that popular razor blade blades especially the extra ones are subject to wear and tear very easily thus they are tossed out very frequently. Contrarily, straight edge razors are brought to close to perfection quite easily by perfecting them against a sharpening surface.