The simplest way to see the Grand Canyon is from the air so you can appreciate its immense size and beauty, and the most affordable type of air tour is an plane tour. Airplane tours operate all year long, seven days a week, and you get a lot of value for your money. There are several airplane tours to choose from, and here are my top three advice. Zambezi Safari Lodges

Want To Depart From Arizona Or Vegas?

You are able to start your airplane travel in Tusayan, Arizona or Vegas, Nevada. The travels out of Vegas travel to the West Rim or the South Casing. Airplane tours out of Tusayan are South Rim tours only. 

The Top Three Tours

The #1 airplane tour of the Canyon is a very popular choice because it is a Vegas flight that comes with a helicopter ride when you can the Encolure. This tour flies by airplane from Vegas to the top of the West Rim, and once the plane lands, you copy to a helicopter and take an exciting airline flight down to the Canyon floor. Also, this tour includes a VIP ticket to the world famous Skywalk.

The helicopter portion of the tour is quite thrilling as the moto makes the 2500 foot descent to underneath of the Canyon where it lands nearby the Colorado River, plus, you’ll have around 30 minutes to explore the area walking distance. Certainly not only that, the tour has a boat ride along the river, so you get to do it all when you book this top tour.

The #2 tour is also a Vegas tour, but this one would go to the South Rim as opposed to the Western Rim. The South Edge is farther away, so the flight there from Vegas takes about an hour, but that is a whole lot quicker than if you drive, which would take over five hours. The airplane flies from Vegas to Tusayan, in which a motor discipline is waiting to take you on a ground tour through the National Park. To enhance your experience, you can add a helicopter flight to this tour that will go from the South Casing, over the Canyon to the remote wilderness areas of the North Rim and back.

The #3 travel is one which departs from Tusayan. This might be the tour for you if you would like to see as many scenic views of the Park as possible. This flight takes you from the Southern Rim over to the North Rim, and then it flies all the way to the far eastern border of the Park before returning to the South Rim. This head to flies over 75% of the whole National Park during the 50 minute trip. This is an outstanding tour choice if you plan to depart from Az rather than Vegas. You will be treated to impressive aerial views of landmarks including the Dragoon Corridor and the Colorado Confluence. The Dragoon Corridor is an amazing sight from above since it is the deepest trench in the Canyon.

Skywalk Particulars

Because noted above, some trips come with tickets to the Skywalk, which is an amazing thing to see. It is a huge glass and steel platform that hangs over the Canyon. It stretches 70 feet past the rim, and when you walk onto it, you can look down to the Colorado River on the Canyon floor some 4000 feet below you. System offers the best views in the Canyon, and you may stay and enjoy the scenery for as long as you like. Many people spend around 20 minutes consuming the view, and before you leave, a professional photographer can click a picture of your experience for a souvenir.