The holy travelers!

There’s no put on the face of this universe that hosts such a major traffic like Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah do. Persons don’t visit these places for entertainment purpose or for fun but only for the fulfillment of their religious rituals. Muslims from across the world visit these two cities the entire year except three Islamic months when the government bodies take some rest and development works goes at its full potential. This kind of is the only amount of time in the year when no outside the house visitors can visit for the purpose of carrying out religious activities. December umrah packages

Services by authorities:

The authorities in Saudi Arabia make sure that not a sole visitor faces any problems. All the time development works continue and work is being done on different projects. As hundreds of thousands of men and women frequently move between three towns, Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah, transportation has always recently been a huge hurdle as well. But the strategy and planning by the regulators has solved this problem easily. They allow private cars owners to bring passenger back and forth these urban centers. In the mean while big train and highway projects are going on.

Recently Saudi government is a rail project which is known as community and it can help pilgrims move travel between Mina and Makkah during Hajj season. Normally in Hajj season transportation is the biggest challenge. Because almost 4 million Muslims leave jointly for Mina when the Hajj starts and they travel to and from Makkah gradually.

In Mitt and Arafat, where almost 4 million people collect for religious activities, free food and drinks are written by government regulators as well as private organizers. Government guaruntees all the facilities, including latrines, first aid, hospitals and refreshment are available easily with each and every pilgrim.

Response to accommodation challenge

Recently, a sizable volume of hotels have been destroyed and new projects have been launched simultaneously. This kind of definitely has given surge to deficit of hotels and visitors are facing some problem But this is merely for a time being. It is expected to take 5 years more before new hotels will be constructed and this problem is likely to be solved. Nevertheless once it’s done, it is expected that there’ll be no need for the same plan for the next fifteen to 20 or so years.