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Selecting the wedding bands (or rings)

You will find almost hundreds of styles of wedding bands from which to choose, for both the bride and the groom themselves. Even though the traditional band for both is a simple, round gold ring, today they can be simple or elaborate, wide or thin, gem studded or not. It is not unusual, even in the groom’s ring, to find gemstone accents.

Traditionally, the woman receives two jewelry; one after consenting to marriage and the second at the wedding wedding. Today, this tradition goes on to be the most popular choice. However, lovers sometimes choose a more important wedding band that includes the gem of choice and eliminates the need for an engagement diamond ring, as a result. For example, alternatively than purchasing an diamond ring with an one carat diamonds followed by an easy wedding band, one might purchase for the same price a diamonds wedding ring that contains four karats total weight of diamond jewelry encircling the finger.

The precious stone wedding band then becomes the only key point and combines the symbolism of the simple round ring with the symbolism of the precious stone or other gemstone of choice. It may create an important and classic look. Another example might entail the getting an one diamonds that can then be arranged within a very large, gold wedding band, again combining the gem typically received at an previous moment within the wedding band itself.
The decision as to whether to have one or two jewelry is largely personal, but imagination mind that the engagement may affect your decision. In the event the engagement period is going to be long, rather than waiting around for the wedding ceremony day the bride to be may prefer to have an engagement ring to publicize her commitment and, thus, the change in her status and the approaching event.

Important considerations before you make a selection

To help you make the right choice for the wedding ring, here are a few important factors to consider.

– How does the wedding band look with the engagement ring?

In the event that an involvement ring is given, it is very important to consider how the wedding band will appear with it on the hand. (We hope that before making the final decision on your engagement ring, you also consider your wedding band. ) It’s wise to try on different styles of wedding bands with the engagement ring to see how they look together. The width of the band can considerably affect the way it works with the precious stone. Remember also that certain details such as milgraining or a particular type of finish may look great when worn exclusively, but can detract from the entire appearance when worn together with the precious stone.

– What width appears best?

The width of the wedding band is measured in millimeters. The standard ladies’ simple silver or platinum band runs from 2 – 4 millimeters; the men’s amounts from 3-1/2 – six millimeters. Stock sizes can go as wide as 10 millimeters. It is vital to try the same style band in several widths because you will be amazed to see how different the effect created by the width alone can be. Avoid very extensive rings that feel uneasy when you try them on. You can’t get used to them. While an extremely wide band may be beautiful from a design standpoint, keep in head that it could be less comfortable in very hit environments.